Baby’s Teething

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 Baby’s Teething

“Baby’s teeth eruption phase” varies much from baby to baby and it also differs in male and female babies but generally the clinical experience has shown that “teething starts between the ages of 6 months to a year.

Common signs of teething are:-

  • Dribbling or mouthwatering.
  • Frequent biting on everything.
  • Fretting that is a feeling of uneasiness, anxiousness, unhappiness, crankiness etc.
  • During this phase, the baby starts striking his head against anything.
  • Pulling upon the ears has been noticed.
  • Frequent rubbing of nose and eyes with the baby’s first is commonly seen.
  • At times, eye watering has also been experienced.
  • Majority of the mothers complain of poor intake of milk or soft weaning foods
  • Soreness, somewhat redness and swelling of the gums do occur in majority of such cases
  • Low grade or fluctuating body temperature is also one of the very common symptoms usually expected.
  • Sometimes, there is an undue runny nose in an appreciable percentage of such cases.
  • You can always soothe down or make your baby comfortable by gently rubbing the baby’s gums with your clean Little Finger with 2 to 3 drops of honey, morning & evening.
  • Offer the baby something firm to chew-on for example teething rings or lead free teething rattles.
  • Let the baby drink from a cup or mug as he/she may find sucking painful.
  • Abstain from taking your baby out in the cold weather or cold environment because cold wind intensifies the pain of teething.