A community in which general masses achieve their full potential for health and wellbeing across the life span.


To ensure accessible and affordable quality health care by compassionate medical professionals.


Objectives To cultivate a healthcare environment based on:

Trust | Honesty | Mutual Respect | Equality | Good Medical Ethics


We are

Primarily caring for the betterment of humanity.

Effectively contributing to improve our health care systems.

Possessing a strong work ethics, yet we don’t stifle our individual personalities.

Why The Family Clinic?

We provide “patient-centered” health care with excellence in quality, services and accessibility and serving

every individual through a spirit based leadership.

Core Values

We are

  1. Dedicated to patient care at all costs.
  2. Treating every patient with respect and dignity.
  3. Compassionate listeners; we do hear the patient’s issues, respect them and do try to assist them up to the maximum limits.
  4. Providing “patient-centered services” and go an extra mile to meet our patient’s expectations.
  5. Keeping ourselves well in touch with day to day medical researches and keep our selves well informed so that we can apply new medical therapies for the future benefit of our patients.
  6. Using innovative measures to health care system and customized services.
  7. Seeking diversity in our staff members & value their abilities to enhance communication with our patients.
  8. Engaging actively in multiple cultures in the community.
  9. Believing that the patients deserve to have timely access to health care and that our system should reflect this value.
  10. Pursuing excellence proactively and searching for the upgraded accomplishment.
  11. Creating a dynamic yet forward-moving Innovative Health Care System.
  12. Stuck to integrity, morality and ethical practices.
  13. Meeting the healthcare needs of our patients and the community.