Hyperacidity (Heart Burning)

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 Hyperacidity (Heart Burning)

Today’s interesting topic is Acid Reflux in Children which is normally called Acidity or

Heartburn :-

Basic Principles to avoid Acidity or “Acid Reflux”:-
Adopt regular habits to give small meals throughout the day rather than 3 large meals.
Don’t let the child eat anything at least “2 & a half hours” before going to bed.
Avoid giving your child the following food stuffs :-
e.g., Commercial drinks and juices etc., !

*Fatty foods such as french fries, pizzas, burgers, rolls, samosas n pakoraas etc.!

*Spicy food stuff, garlic and onions.

*High protein foods such as meat, fish, chicken & some of the legumes.

*Acidic foods e.g., pickles, chatnies, ketchups, citrus fruits and juices.

*Chocolates , chocolate cookies, cakes n pastries containing chocolate.

*Caffeine e.g., in soda, tea & coffee.


*Vinegar and food items prepared from vinegar & chinese salt.



Acid Lowering Foods


Drinking clean clear hygienic water is a good and potent source to neutralize the stomach acidity. It provides a reasonable relief + it will increase the pH of stomach, dilute the HCl acid and clear out the “oesophageal reflux”; so there are a lot of good reasons to drink water in general and stay well hydrated.
Milk can temporarily bring relief from heartburn or acidity but fats in the milk, stimulate the stomach to produce more acid, therefore fat-free skimmed milk would be a better option.
Caffeine Free Ginger Tea, is another natural / organic drink to neutralize the stomach’s acidity. It naturally soothes the stomach and can help to reduce the production of stomach acid.
Yogurt is another very good option to counter the stomach acidity as it also contains probiotics, which are important natural nutrients to raise the patient’s immune levels and it counters stomach acidity very well.
Unsweetened Coconut Water is a very nice source esp., in Children & people with acid reflux. Besides other natural ingredients it is also a good source of one of the vital electrolytes called potassium.
Carrot Juice is a good option to neutralize the acidity.
Soluble fiber found in bananas contains a specific natural ingredient known as “pectin”, which greatly helps to move the stomach contents through the digestive tract.
Apples are good sources, which may help to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux.





How to avoid acidity:-

§ Always avoid problem foods.

§ Lower the fat content in your child’s diet.

Fatty greasy foods (pizzas, burgers & fried items) should be avoided.

§ Most of the time a chewing gum can serve the purpose of neutralizing the stomach acidity But don’t make it a habit.

§ A pinch of baking soda in half a cup of drinkable water can be useful to neutralize the stomach’s acidity, in case of emergency or when relevant medicines are not available.

§ Smaller meals may be preferred over large meals.

§ Before putting the child to sleep, ask him to walk around for 15 to 20 minutes, at least.

§ Make your child sleep with his head well elevated over a suitable sized pillow.


Low Acid Foods are preferred in Acid Reflux:-

· Soy milk,

· Soy beans.

Unsweetened yogurt
Fat Free Skimmed Milk.
Fresh vegetables esp., pumpkin, turnips, cabbage, spinach including potatoes.
Beans / lentils.
Whole grain Cereals.
Rice (bland starches) are preferable in acid reflux.
Plain pasta
Baked potatoes
Bread is another good option but without butter or fresh cream.




In older kids & teens, GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease) can lead to

§ heartburn

§ stomach discomfort

§ chest discomfort


Most kids subsequently recover from GERD with the passage of time but a reasonable percentage of the patients do need medical treatment.


Reflux Oesophagitis causes problems like :


§ Poor growth

§ Vomiting of and on

§ Inflammation of the oesophigus leading to the damage of the oesophagus.