About Me:

I graduated from Nishtar Medical University, Multan and was awarded the degree of M.B.B.S(Pb). Afterwards, I proceeded to Turkey to achieve a postgraduate diploma in Diarrhoeal Disease Control Program through WHO and joined the District. Headquarters /Civil Hospital, Faisalabad affiliated with Punjab Medical University, Faisalabad and remained there on the key posts. I have done majors in Paediatrics from Austria. After having been awarded the Postgraduate Degree in Paediatrics , I was later declared as the *Life Member of The American Medical Society*, as a result of mine extraordinary performance in the academics.

On my return back to Pakistan, I was offered the most challenging project then as Chief Co-ordinator Vaccinology by the Government of Pakistan. Later, I joined as Medical Director in Government Paramedics Postgraduate University, Faisalabad.

Finally, I was appointed in D.H.Q / Civil Hospital, Faisalabad as Head of Paediatric OPD. While serving in DHQ, I kept visiting “The Provincial Child Protection Centre” (situated in Saeed Colony, Faisalabad) once a month to examine the small neglected patients over there to create awareness regarding healthy living, which was duly appreciated by the concerned staff members over there.

Meanwhile, I kept writing medical articles/thesis from time to time and earned good fame. I remained actively involved in delivering lectures in medical seminars and targeted different schools to initiate awareness programs about healthy living and how to be safe from different diseases by adopting the due precautionary measures. Schools that I visited were Faisalabad Grammar School, Faisalabad (Sponsored by The Care Marketing Pvt Ltd) ; Army Public School, Gujranwala Cantt. and many others , received the warmest appreciation from the mothers and lady teachers over there.

I kept serving the SOS Village, Faisalabad on honorary basis to examine the children suffering from different ailments and I certainly got a feeling of great contentment as long as I kept serving there.

Serving humanity is my passion and educating the community to live a healthy and quality life is my aim that I have been serving since 30+ years as a medical professional and known for treating the most challenging cases with a thorough professional and genuinely rational clinical approach. My persistent commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and devotion with my profession keeps my morale and spirits high while performing my professional duties.

My inborn personality characteristics of having a caring attitude for everyone especially my patients of all age groups; as I do listen to all of them with keenness thus, the breach is broken (between a doctor and the patient) thereby creating a homely environment and every patient feels comfortable while he/she converses with the me at my clinic and ultimately they start considering themselves as a part of the family.

I remained extremely busy with my job, daily assignments and tough clinic / hospital schedule for the last three decades that I could not keep myself well active on the social media forums but now I felt that the pending responsibility on my shoulders to educate the  general masses especially the mothers as regards their prevailing child health problems and to facilitate them to live a healthy and active life.

I served as Visiting Consultant in the below mentioned Private Hospitals.

Nawaz Medicare Hospital, Model Town, Faisalabad.

Medicare Hospital, opp. The Civil Hospital, Faisalabad.

Al-Raazi Hospital, Faisalabad.

Prime Care Hospital, Faisalabad.

Saad Surgimed Hospital, Faisalabad.

United Specialist Clinic’s Hospital, Faisalabad.

Rubina Memorial Trust Hospital, Faisalabad.