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 Thumb or Finger Sucking

Today’s burning topic for most of the mothers is How to quit your children from “Thumb or Finger Sucking”:-


Thumb sucking is a normal phenomenon in the newborn period & an important way for the infants to be able to soothe themselves.
Few days after the infantile age group, if your baby is developing the sickening habit of sucking it’s thumb or finger, please be careful and vigilant enough ! You must keep pulling your baby’s finger or thumb, whenever you come across to notice that he/she is sucking!

Initially, in early days, you have to make good long efforts not to make your baby indulge itself; in this sickening phase of sucking!
If the mothers stay watchful and vigilant enough, you can control your baby’s habit of thumb or finger sucking up to 65% of the cases.
If you wait too long to stop the Thumb or Finger Sucking, your child may have permanent changes to their jaw shape, bite and teeth. Such children develop a gap between their upper & lower teeth and some abnormalities may also occur with their development of jaws, often causing problems with their speech in the long run. Their tongue muscles also do not develop properly.
Thumb suckers will ultimately need “Speech Therapy”!
Once your child is 3 years old, it’s time to break the habit of sucking it’s finger or thumb.
When you are in the process of breaking the habit of sucking, majority of the children may suffer from


*sleepless nights

*undue crying


Methodology of Quitting the Sucking Process:-
Positive Reinforcement; like keeping the baby’s fingers / thumb busy in playful activities or art work and do something nicer or more interesting, when they try hard to put their fingers / thumb into their mouths.
Keep telling your child to understand why sucking is a bad and a sickening habit.
Every child is certainly psychologically different from the other and there is no rightest solution to stop the habit at the very first instant and just in few days, the child will quit this habit rather every parent must understand that it’s a gradual ongoing process which you all have to keep up with great tolerance and high spirits.
Please don’t wait too long to help your child to break the habit. Do not keep ignoring otherwise you might have to pay a lot in the years to come.
Always start by talking to your child about; Why thumb sucking is a bad habit.



“Positive Motivation” to quit is a better way to convince your child.

Inform your child openly & on broad terms that thumb n finger sucking spread germs and it does make the people sick.
Do make him follow that “sucking” will push your teeth forward & can make you look funny and you might need braces in future, which itself is a process of great discomfort in the long run.
Do also tell him in clear simple words that “other kids will think that you are still a baby and they keep teasing you !
Keep telling your child that as long as you suck your thumb or finger; it would be hard to learn for you, how to speak out in a right way, you might sound funny then.
Do arrange special timings to show him/her specific video clips, which will certainly impart a lasting impression on the baby’s brain to achieve a positive outcome, sooner or later.
Chewelry (stylish & discreet jewelry for the kids through the adults, need to chew) ; does help a toddler, stop the sucking without losing the true pleasure, the babies get from “oral stimulation”.
Description: ▪Watching the TV and sleeping; are the 2 common times, when kids fall back into their sucking habits.



*Identify your child’s problem times and then have your child help you to “devise a quitting plan” that focuses on these times.

If night time is giving him more trouble, try putting thick gloves and attaching these on to jeans or pajamas with safety pins.
If watching the TV is a problem, try switching off the television for 5 to 10 minutes every time the child is caught sucking.
(a) Provide lots of praise & positive rewards for the success that is when the child is not sucking it’s finger or thumb.

(b) Give him or her a (gold star) for every hour, when the child goes without sucking.

Keep reminding your child & keep praising for not sucking at least once an hour.
Most of the time, a bad tasting nail polish naming “yucky nail polish does work better and the child’s habit of frequent sucking decreases with the passage of time.

These “products” are primarily intended to stop nail biting. In a small group of such patients, the child also becomes accustomed to the taste (of that specific nail polish) ; so it no longer proves much fruitful.

The “leading brands of plastic thumb or finger covers”, if you keep them on for about two weeks, your child will stay away from sucking and there are good chances that his habit will break away.
“Mitten Sleeves “are a brand of half- shirts that have long sleeves with mittens attached.

These products allow kids to be more active with their hands.

Nipit Hand Stopper, this device prevents the elbow from bending enough to get the finger or thumb into the baby’s mouth.
It is easier to put them on but harder to get off.


I do hope and believe that if you keep making good efforts from different aspects (mentioned above) with determination and dedication, ultimately you are bound to succeed.