Misconceptions Regarding Polio Drops

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 Misconceptions Regarding Polio Drops

A couple of misconceptions regarding Polio Drops that needs due clarifications:-

▪Name of the manufacturer (Indian Vaccines / drops are the inferior most).

▪Keep in view the storage conditions.

Oral Polio Vaccine must be stored at 4°C.

It’s “Cold Chain Maintenance” must be ensured at all levels.

▪It’s a light & heat sensitive vaccine.

▪Polio Drops are so heat sensitive that you can’t hold beyond 30 seconds between your thumb & fingers.

▪Do confirm whether VVM that is Vaccine Vial Monitors are functioning well or not, this is one of the very important vital methods to judge the potency of polio drops.

▪It’s transportation (under the ideal conditions) is also an important factor to be kept in mind.

▪Always avoid giving polio drops when you judge that the Basic Protocols are not being followed properly & ideally.

You all must be feeling surprised that “why polio virus” has not been able to be eradicated from Pakistan or from some other Asian Countries, it carries a simple answer ; which can be made to understand with the following points :-

Improper vaccine.

Lack of planning and management.

Lack of Cold Chain Maintenance at certain levels.

The teams deputed to offer polio drops lack in proper training, education & dedication.

Poor literacy ratio among the general masses.

On the whole, basically we have gone morally corrupt over the years.