How the Lactating Mothers can improve their breast milk?

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 How the Lactating Mothers can improve their breast milk?

▪Breast feeds should be offered quite often to their babies at regular time intervals during the whole 24 hours ; on an average of 8 to 12 times a day, so that the hormones that triggers the mother’s milk are released in sufficient quantities in their blood stream.
The more you breast feed the more milk your breasts make!
▪Pump the milk in between the feedings.
▪Feed your baby equally from both the sides.
▪Get some excellent artificial milk formula for Lactating Mothers.
▪Some natural foods can increase the milk production as e.g.,
* Whole Oats
* Wheat Germ
* Brewer’s Yeast
* Flex Seed Meal
▪ Certain Medical Conditions may interfere with less milk production :
* Pregnancy- Induced high BP.
* Diabetes.
* Polycystic Ovarian Cysts.
▪Some of the medications
* containing pseudoephedrine, used for sinusitis and few allergic manifestations
* certain types of medicines used for hormonal birth control,
may lower the breast milk production.
▪ Smoking and Alcohol are also the contributory factors in reducing the milk output.
▪ Certain Organic Foods, Herbs & Suppliments, do possess the ability to increase the breast milk production ; e.g.,
*Fenugreek میتھی
*Fennel سونف
*Garlic لہسن
* Ginger ادرک
* Brewer’s Yeast خصوصی خمیر
* Blessed Thistle اونٹ کٹارا ایک جڑی بوٹی
* Alfalfa الفالفا جڑی بوٹی
* Spirulina کائی
▪Control your psychological factors as for example reduce your anxiety and stress as these factors interfere with the let-down reflex and cause you to produce less amount of milk.