Dengue Viral Infection

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 Dengue Viral Infection

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection found in the tropical and subtropical climates world wide, mostly in the urban and semi- urban areas mostly in hot and humid weather.
▪High risk areas include south-east asia, the western pacific islands, latin America and Africa.
▪The virus responsible for causing dengue is called “Dengue Virus” (DEN V).
▪ Dengue Fever spreads through the bite of the female mosquito (Aedes Egypti). The mosquito become infected, when it sucks the blood of a person infected with virus. After about 1 week, the mosquito then transmit the virus ; while biting a healthy person.
▪ Dengue Fever is not contagious, so it can’t spread directly from person to person and dengue fever can not be transmitted by coughing, sneezing or touçh.
▪Since different viruses can cause dengue fever therefore someone
can get the disease more than once.
▪ Dengue begins abruptly after a typical incubation period of 5 to 7 days and the “disease course” follow 3 phases :
* Febrile
* Critical
* Convalescent
▪ Dengue Virus infects more cells including those in the lymph nodes and bone marrow ; macrophages in both the spleen and liver and monocytes in the blood.
▪Warning Signs of Severe Dengue Fever ; which is a life threatening emergency, can develop quickly.
(*) The warning signs usually begin the first day or 2, after the fever settles down and it may include severe stomach ache.
▪ Following symptoms are noticed :
* Headache
*Muscle, Bone and Joint Pains.
* Nausea / Vomiting
* Pain behind the eyes.
* Swollen glands
* Rash.
▪Dengue Viral Infection” is spreading day by day and is showing its greater prevalence these days.
▪In order to save yourself and your dear ones, adopt the following remedial measures:

* Use Coconut Oil, below your knees till your feet; it is better to use this oil around the sunset.
It is a potent natural antibiotic, without any side effects.
More so, a “Dengue Mosquito” cannot fly higher than the knees.
* Do cover the exposed parts of the baby/child or any adult, so that they may not be victimized.
* Spray with a safe anti mosquito aerosol in and around the house, make sure that the kids must stay away for quite some time as they may not inhale the fumes.
* There should not be any stagnant water reservoirs within the house as well as the premises of the house.
* The rooms and the surroundings should be meticulously cleaned .
* Use of mosquito nets provide additional benefit.
* Infected persons must be segregated.