Causes of Stroke

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 Causes of Stroke

One of the main causes of Stroke

We have always heard of people suffering from the stroke while they were in the washroom and not elsewhere.


The first and foremost principle while taking a bath is not to wash your head in the beginning , rather you should clean the lower parts of the body first.
This is because when you make the head wet and cold first, the whole blood will flow from the head to warm parts of the body. The blood vessels become narrow, it is likely to cause the blood vessels to rupture and it usually happens in the washroom.


Be sure to raise your awareness to avoid this happening in future and may you all stay safe and sound.


Basic Principles of Bathing :-

1. Start showering from your feet.

2. Lower legs.

3. Then thighs.

4. Later, Abdomen.

5. Afterwards, Shoulders.

6. Make a pause for 10-15 seconds;

7. Finally, the head.


We will feel like steam or wind overflowing from the body, and then take a shower as usual.
The water should always be lukewarm, then it would be more safe and risk free.

Wisdom :


Just imagine a glass filled with hot water first, then fill it with cold water. *What will happen?

The glass will burst away.

In case of our bodies ;
The temperature is very hot and the water is very cold, so if we shower the body or our head region directly, the wind will be trapped or dead because the blood vessels are broken.

This is why we often see people suddenly fall in the bathrooms.

*Due to the wrong bathing methods or technique, people suffer with a “stroke” or it can cause a “migrainous” attack.


This “bathing method” is suitable for all ages, especially in patients who are suffering from :

§ diabetes,

§ high blood pressure

§ aged people,

§ those who have high cholesterol levels and

§ patients already having a history of migraine or headaches off and on.