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 Baby Care

Vaccinating your baby against Serious Diseases will certainly prevent the baby from a lot of sufferings and complications.
Immunization should start as soon as possible after the baby’s birth and must be carried out at regular intervals under the advice of some expert pediatrician!
Some vaccines may carry few side effects; which are usually mild but their advantages certainly outweigh these effects.

Hold your baby close and do give him the warmth & comfort of making your baby familiar in knowing that you are there.
Keep your baby in the center of all that’s happening around him. Don’t make him feel neglected at any time.
If the baby shows displeasure at being undressed, cover him with a soft towel around the chest and stomach, thus making him calm or soothe him down with all the motherly affection and love.
Do play and make giggling sounds when he is energetic and not when he is exhausted.
Always be considerate of your baby’s need for peace and comfort.

Very important; showing anxiety or fury on your part can be one of the causes of your baby’s distress at times.
Mind you, “babies are excellent absorbers and can judge your mood very well.
Never let your temper be the cause of the baby’s crying; please be careful!
Babies often communicate their problems or ailments by crying persistently or looking upset or in a discomforting phase.
Mostly, these ailments are of common nature and can easily be tackled although it is still advisable to cross check with your baby’s doctor.

However, other ailments should be left for the expert health professionals to deal with.

◾Many newborns may develop yellow coloration of the skin & eyes, from 3rd or 4th day after birth. This jaundice of the newborn is usually benign (physiological jaundice) and requires no treatment, this problem settles in approximately a week’s or 10 days’ time.
If severe or prolonged then do consult an expert pediatrician because it needs to be treated promptly & appropriately.

◾At times, brown scaly patches can develop on the baby’s head and they may also spread to his face especially the eyebrows, body or the nappy area resulting in red scaly rash. If so, gently rub the scales or the head with a baby’s oil and leave on for at least 12 hours to soften the scales. Then gently brush the baby’s hair with a soft hair brush & wash with a mild baby’s shampoo, keep repeating on a daily basis until the scales are completely gone.
◾Babies naturally have a delicate skin, sometimes pink rashes do occur on the baby’s face or skin, which is caused by heat.

Cure for Rashes:

(i) Bathe your baby in lukewarm water and gently pat his skin dry.

(ii) Apply Calamine Lotion, which has got a soothing effect for the heat rashes.

(iii) Dress in loose cotton clothing.

Other Symptoms Commonly Experienced In Small Babies:-
1. A small percentage of the babies may suffer from diarrhea ; sometimes rather most of the times, a doctor often experience such cases ; wherein the mothers do complain of frequent loose or discolored stools.
2. Vomiting, fever, reluctancy in taking feeds ultimately leading to dehydration. An expert doctor must be consulted immediately and in the meanwhile, the baby must be given pure drinking water with a pinch of sugar n salt mixed in it.
3. A hot & flushed look, fretfulness and temperature rise above 99°F are the obvious signs of fever.

Time being remedy:
i. Do give an anti-fever syrup.
ii. Dress the baby in loose thin clothing.
iii. Start sponging the baby on his head, face, arms & legs with tepid water.
iv. As the temperature goes down, some babies might sweat heavily therefore give him a reasonable amount of water or milk feeds.
v. If the baby’s condition remains the same, then you must consult some good pediatrician.

4. Do watch for runny or stuffy nose, any cough, sneezing or slight fever as these symptoms may occur during the phases of colds and coughs.
Apply baby Vicks on his chest or sprinkle a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil onto a handkerchief and place near the baby’s nose, when asleep will help the baby breathe better.

Do consult a doctor if the baby’s condition does not improve.

5. The baby’s umbilical cord dries up & falls away in 7 to 10 days or Maximus up To fifteen days after birth, leaving behind a raw stump which is prone to have an infection.

All measures should be taken to keep it clean and dry until healed.

Spirit or alcohol swabs can be used for cleaning and Gentian Violet Solution should be applied as an antiseptic.

6. Parents are supposed to contact some expert pediatrician under the following conditions:-

▪️In case of “repeated vomiting”
▪️If there are “sudden frequent large loose stools”.
▪️In conditions when your baby suffers from sudden loss of appetite or “there is reluctancy in taking feeds”.
▪️”Continuous crying” or “shrieks of pain”.
▪️In cases, when you observe that there is “difficulty in breathing”.
▪️ In conditions, when there is “discharge from the ears” or “pus oozes out through the ears”.
▪️If there is “any sudden change in baby’s appearance”, making him look ill.