Anxiety Disorders in Children

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 Anxiety Disorders in Children

Different Categories of Anxiety Disorders in Children:-


(1) Separation Anxiety Disorder:

Usually seen in children between 1 to 3 years of age.
Older Children may sometimes also suffer ; if they have excessive fear or anxiety about being separated from a caregiver.

*Such children may frequently worry about parents dying or becoming separated from them.

*Refuse to go to school

*Have nightmares about separation.

*Experience physical symptoms like headache, nausea, fatigue, body aches n pains,

vague abdominal pain, etc. !


(2) Selective Mutism:

Such children, may refuse to speak in certain social situations; although

they are very talkative at home or wherever they feel comfortable.

*They may refuse to speak at school or avoid eye contact.

*Children around the age of 5 are most commonly diagnosed with this disorder.


(3) Specific Phobia :

*Some children may exhibit fear or anxiety about a specific object or a situation.

*These types of kids will cry, freeze up or cling on to an adult, when that specific fear is present around.

*Children can have “phobias” that include certain toys, animals, storms, loud sounds and scolding voices of the parents and enclosed spaces.


(4) Panic Disorder:

*Children, who experience recurrent panic attacks & worry about having more ;

may have “panic disorders”.

A child having a panic attack may suffer from the following symptoms :

*Shortness of breath

*Chest Pain

*Choking sensation



*Chills or Heat Sensations.

*Fear of going Crazy.

*Fear of Dying.


(5) Social Anxiety Disorder:

If your child is suffering from “intense fear” of participating in the class or while interacting with the classmates, then they are certainly categorized as having “Social Anxiety Disorder”!

* Children may exhibit this fear through the following symptoms:

=>Throwing tantrums.


=>Clinging to adults

=>Freezing up

=>Refusing to speak

=>They may also attempt to avoid social situations that provoke this fear.


Management Therapy of such children:

Parents are sincerely advised not to hesitate in consulting an expert doctor about their child’s anxiety as they can surely guide you to the right track after a proper clinical history & assessment.
Children with “anxiety disorders” or “panic attacks” are typically treated with psycho- therapic sessions.
Medication is important via the media.
In a particular fraction of the patients both medication as well as psychotherapy offers quite fruitful results.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy This sort of therapy can help a child to test out what thoughts are realistic or unrealistic.
Play Therapy



May work best for young children to counter their anxieties.
For some kids, “medications”, provide greater relief on a short-term and long-term basis, depending on the nature & severity of the symptoms.

Medicines are highly selective and should be given by a highly experienced paediatrician or paediatric psychiatrist.