The Family Clinic

Specialized Clinical Practice in Paediatrics and Consultancy in Family Medicine with 30+ years of experience

Child Care & Cure Complex



In the year 1991, by the Grace of Allah The Almighty, we established “The Family Clinic”; Child Care and Cure Centre in the most thickly populated area known as Tariqabad in the District Faisalabad and started providing untiring medical services with  dedication , devotion , sincerity and honesty.
Thereby successfully won the confidence and faith of the entire community around, in a short time span. Ultimately we made our name with good fame and became a symbol of pride in serving the humanity at par excellence due to our Standardized Quality Medical Services.
With the assistance of our devoted, caring and efficient staff we finally succeeded to earn a high fame for The Family Clinic Child Care & Cure Center.We felt immensely delighted when the fruitful outcome was experienced ; as an appreciable number of patients started pouring into The Family Clinic to get themselves treated without any hesitation and confusion.
After achieving success in one locality we initiated to take one more daring step and established another branch of The Family Clinic ; Child Care and Cure Center at Main Jaranwala Road, Susan Chowk, Fsd. in the year 1996 with the same standards of excellence and commitment, it also progressed and prospered so well that it became a center of attraction and attention in a short period of time by the patients !
 We remained devoted and dedicated for the betterment of suffering humanity, further more we kept our aims high to provide a prompt diagnosis and expert treatment so that the agony and anxiety may be minimized  and kept struggling to earn a good fame. Thereby, Allah The Almighty awarded us from every aspect.
Finally, with the advent of March 2020, both the branches were ultimately merged in one big complex; thus naming The Family Clinic ; Child Care and Cure Complex in a serene locality of Amin Town, Kashmir Road Faisalabad.
This complex kept maintaining it’s distinguished quality and rich characteristics and kept receiving patients from the far off and nearby localities ; in which an appreciable number of patients were either maltreated or they remained  misdiagnosed  (from different physicians) and ultimately  their acute symptoms  became chronic. By the grace of Allah The Almighty ; even such neglected group of patients were successfully treated and finally they enjoyed sound healthy life.

Febrile Fits or Febrile Seizures
Is a “convulsion” in a child caused as a result of high grade fever.These seizures occurs in babies & young children without a history of neurological symptoms.
Breath Holding Spells

Cyanotic (blueness) Breath Holding Spells usually occurs when a baby / child stops breathing & ultimately turns blue esp. the face.


It is a central nervous system disorder (a neurological disease) in which the brain’s activity becomes abnormal thereby causing seizures or paroxysmal attacks of abnormal or unusual behaviour, sensations and sometimes loss of consciousness.

Mental Retardation

It’s basically an “Intellectual Disability”, characterized by below average intelligence or mental ability & lack of skills necessary for day-to-day living

Failure to Thrive

Inadequate growth or inability to maintain proper growth. It’s a sign of undernutrition or malnutrition.

Nutritional Deficiency

It occurs when a baby doesn’t absorb the necessary amount of nutrients from the foods being given or such babies or kids are not provided a rich nutritious diet altogether.

Poor Growth

It occurs when a child, whose current weight or rate n ratio of weight gain is significantly below that of the expected of similar children of the same age & sex.

Short Stature

A small height “more than the standard deviations below the mean for age” (less than the 3rd percentile).

Delayed Crawling
Sometimes, the babies do not crawl at their proper age but they do start standing at the 1st instant,
this doesn’t mean that there is any abnormality.In rare cases, the muscles n bones are weak enough or there is not proper coordination of the muscles & nerves.
Psychological Problems

Behavioural health conditions increase the risk of developing “chronic diseases”.

Speech Disorders

There are many causes of speech disorders ; which includes muscle weakness, brain injuries, degenerative diseases, autism, auditory (hearing) problems, sometimes, psychological factors do interplay.

Asthmatic attacks may occur at all age groups but they often starts in childhood.
It’s a disease characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness & wheezing, which vary in severity and frequency from patient to patient.

I graduated from Nishtar Medical University, Multan and was awarded the degree of M.B.B.S(Pb). Afterwards, I proceeded to Turkey to achieve a postgraduate diploma in Diarrhoeal Disease Control Program through WHO and joined the District. Headquarters /Civil Hospital, Faisalabad affiliated with Punjab Medical University, Faisalabad and remained there on the key posts. I have done majors in Paediatrics from Austria. After having been awarded the Postgraduate Degree in Paediatrics , I was later declared as the *Life Member of The American Medical Society*, as a result of mine extraordinary performance in the academics.On my return back to Pakistan, I was offered the most challenging project then as Chief Co-ordinator Vaccinology by the Government of Pakistan. Later, I joined as Medical Director in Government Paramedics Postgraduate University, Faisalabad.